Shopping in Viena

European stores chains

One of the most known and cheap chains in Europe is Primark. It is originally an English store, but it spread fast in many countries in Europe and became a chain for huge department stores, which are known for their medium-cheap prices. Today you can find Primart stores in England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherland and more.

Another big fashion chain in Europe is C&A, which was founded in the Netherlands at 1841. Today the chain has over 1500 stores all over Europe: Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Denmark and more. Around 200 branches are for children only, but most of the branches includes fashion, clothing and accessories for all the family: women’s men’s, boys and girls.

A “smaller” chain (but everything is relatively…) is the successful and classic Promod. The chain was founded in France in the 70’s, originally as a boutique that serves women. The boutique turned into men’s and women’s clothing in France and from here to all of Europe. Today in 50 countries in and outside of Europe, you can find over 1060 stores: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Romania and even China, USA, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The stores are suited mostly for those whom are looking for good quality in reasonable prices.
For full details about the branches, stores and clothing: Promod.
Another chain that established itself as suited for younger people, students and fans of the elegant sports look. The chain A.P.C was founded in late 80’s and today is scattered around many countries in Europe like the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany, and Spain and even opened a branch in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
As stated the shop in very popular among students over the world and offers mostly new casual clothing.
Worthwhile shopping in European countries:
Beyond the big European chains, in many countries in Europe you will find unique stores, worthwhile sales, markets and local chains worth visiting.

Shopping in Viena

Vienna is considered a prestigious city in Europe but shopping fans would be able to find in it stores suited for everyone: malls, shopping centers, markets and of course also main streets where you can buy everything.

Kartner is a main pedestrian mall; it is full of stores, restaurants and coffee shops. In the pedestrian mall you can find also the luxurious mall Ringstrassen Galerien, it offers 70 stores, some are prestigious designer stores. Beside the stores, you will find in the mall also galleries and restaurants. The mall is open every day except for Sunday’s.

In addition to this mall in the pedestrian mall you will find also the department store Steffl. The store which is spread upon 7 floors is divided by to categories and you can find in it prestigious brands, clothing for men, women and children, accessories, cosmetic products, restaurants, coffee shops and a chocolate store.

Apart from the big shopping centers, Vienna has also markets worth visiting. A successful market is Naschmarkt, it is considered to be one of the most successful markets in Europe. It’s is a big and colorful food market where you can many food stands and restaurants. The market is located along Vienna’s river promenade. For culinary fans it is a must visit place! The many colors, smells and flavors of the fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese stands will make the visit unforgettable. The market is open every day except on Sunday’s, from 06:00-17:00.

Flee market fans are recommended going to Flohmarkt. The market is open only on Saturdays, near Naschmarkt. The market mainly offers second hand items, antiques and old furniture.
Vienna also has worthwhile outlet centers. It is recommended going to the Designer Outlet Parndorf, it has many and diverse designer stores. The outlet center is about 40 minutes from the main pedestrian mall Kartnerstasse. In the outlet center you will find around 130 restaurants and factory stores, among them Adidas, Calvin Klein, Crocs shoes, Diesel, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Lacoste, Timberland and more. The shopping center is open every day except for Sunday, on changing times.

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