Family Holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small state – 20,000 square kilometers – which means there will be no long drives on your trip there. You can stay somewhere in the centre of the country and from there get anywhere in one hour at the most. Slovenia has a population of only two million.
Despite its small size, this country is full of variety: caves, beaches, lakes, natural springs, snowy mountains, ancient towns, picturesque villages, castles, casinos – you can find anything here. Thanks to the country’s forests, which cover about half of it, Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in the world.
The roads in Slovenia are good and driving is easy and comfortable.
Another important fact is that Slovenia, unlike its neighbors: Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, has always been a safe place to live in and visit.

Destinations in southwest Slovenia

In southwest Slovenia is the Karst region, famous for its limestone caves which are some of the biggest and most unique in all of Europe.

A couple of caves that deserve special mention are the Skocjanske Caves (declared a natural world heritage site by UNESCO) and Postojna Cave. A visit to these two includes a ride in an underground train.

This region is also famous for the dancing horse stables in the town of Lipica.

I also recommend visiting Predjama Castle, built into the side of a mountain. Don’t miss a visit to the tunnels carved underneath it.
At the end of the region is the shore of the Adriatic Sea at its finest: beautiful beaches with clear water and preserved old towns. The most beautiful of all is Piran, nicknamed ‘The Dubrovnik of North Adriatic’. It is an old, well-preserved city surrounded by water and full of narrow, winding streets.
Nearby is a holiday town by the name of Portoroz, which has great beaches and plenty of water sporting activities.

Lake Bled

The most popular tourist destination of Slovenia is, without a doubt, the picturesque Lake Bled. This is a small glacial lake in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. In its centre is a small island with a church and belltower. Overlooking the lake is an impressive castle. The area is full of hotels and restaurants. Don’t miss out on Bled’s famous kremschnitt!

When visiting Slovenia, travelers are impressed by its vibrant history, beautiful nature, and rich culture. Many of the country’s castles and museums make visitors feel like they are traveling back in time. Slovenia’s pristine nature is full of mountains, rivers, and caves for visitors to discover. Here are the 15 must-see attractions when visiting Slovenia.

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is a magnificent Renaissance castle. What makes this castle unique is the fact that it is built inside a cave. The castle used to be home to Erazem Lueger, a knight, who was known as the local Robin Hood. Available audio tours reveal the exciting life of Lueger and the history of the Predjama Castle. Tours of a secret tunnel, which served as a supply route when the castle was under siege, are also available when scheduled in advance.

Postojna Cave

The Slovenian underground hides thousands of caves. Among those, twenty-two are open to the public, and Postojna Cave is the most visited. A 90-minute guided tour takes visitors through caverns, halls, and passages that were carved by the Pivka River. Inside the cave, there are beautiful karst formations, some of which are millions of years old. Several times a year concert events are set inside the cave, and as a part of Postojna Cave’s Christmas traditions, a nativity scene with live actors is set in December.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most visited attractions in Slovenia. The beautiful views of the lake and the small island it surrounds brings thousands of visitors every year. The best way to reach the island is taking pletna , a traditional gondola in the Bled area. Once on the island, visitors must walk up ninety-nine steps to reach the island’s church. It is considered good luck to ring the church’s bell when visiting the island.

Lipica Stud Farm

Lipica Stud Farm has been breeding Lipizzaner horses since the sixteenth century. Once used by royals for their private stables, the farm is now open to visitors and allows them to admire this beautiful breed of horse. When visiting the Lipica Stud Farm, guests can stroll through the barns and join one of the farm’s guided tours. Three times a week the Classical Riding School performs, and guests can see the Lipizzaner horses in action.

Triglav National Park

The Triglav National Park, named after the country’s tallest mountain, is the only National Park in Slovenia. With beautiful views of the mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, and pastures, this park is a nature lover’s paradise. Aside from hiking, Triglav National Park offers great activities such as kayaking, rafting, skydiving, and parasailing.

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