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GENRE:Action Thriller

LOGLINE:A Navy SEAL returns from Iraq and discovers his hometown obliterated, so he sets out on a mission to find out who destroyed his town, but what he discovers nearly destroys him.

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LOGLINE:A spurned woman must destroy her husband's psycho killer mistress before she and her son are the next victims.

PAWN is a unique, character-driven, suspenseful psychological thriller in the vein of Fatal Attraction.

PAWN was a semi-finalist in last year's Page Awards, came in 2nd Place in The Happy Writers Working Writers Contest, and placed in: BlueCat, Scriptpalooza and Slamdance Screenwriting Contests.

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GENRE: Christmas Comedy

LOGLINE: A spunky 10-year-old gets Santa Claus elected President through a social network campaign, but the jolly old elf is forced to bring along his most troublesome elves, and Christmas gets cancelled.

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GENRE: Action Adventure

LOGLINE: After an online gamer gets injected with a deadly Super Virus, he races against the clock to decode the DNA to find the cure before it kills him and before a pharmaceutical company releases the virus into the world's population.


GENRE: Latino Comedy

LOGLINE: While chopping his way to fame and fortune, life gets dicey for a guacamole chef when a jealous rival frames him for murder.

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